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Hello, everyone!

For the most part, this community will run according to the wise words of George Bernard Shaw: "The golden rule is that there are no rules." It's my impression that hardly anyone likes reading a long list of rules and that even fewer people like following them. So, instead of laying down the law, I'm going to present a brief set of guidelines and simply ask (yes, as opposed to require) for your adherence:

  • Keep posts relevant.

    Relevance is subjective, but I think we can all agree that posts should be limited to information/media/news about the 2008 presidential race (and preferably pertaining to Barack Obama and his campaign).

  • Be respectful.

    This community is open to anyone and everyone. While its target audience is Obama's supporters, dissenting opinions are welcome. There will probably be times when it is tempting to dismiss someone as an idiot, and even more tempting to shove their stupidity in their face. Please refrain from ramming your perspective down other people's throats, and try to keep debate civil, even if you feel like you're butting heads with a flaming liberal or a mindless conservative.

  • Make use of lj-cuts when appropriate.

    It would be nice to avoid clogging people's friends' page with large images like desktop backgrounds, for example. If you don't know to use a lj-cut, you can refer to this this FAQ.

  • Questions, complaints, or suggestions? Just let me know.

    You can contact me by leaving a comment on this post. Alternatively, you can reach me through my personal journal or on AIM (screenname "yomi bologna"). Feel free to contact me even if you're just looking for someone to chat with!
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